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“Extreme” cruelty to animals: Two children sentenced for killing about twenty animals

“Extreme” cruelty to animals: Two children sentenced for killing about twenty animals

Two boys, aged 11 and 12, who allegedly slaughtered more than two dozen animals after sneaking onto a British college campus have been given a small fine for their actions, given their young ages.

“What you did is terrible, absolutely terrible. It's a good thing you're not adults, because you should have spent a lot of time in prison,” Judge Green told the two children during a 30-minute appearance Thursday in Uxbridge Juvenile Court, according to The Independent.

Due to their young ages, the 11- and 12-year-old boys received only a slap on the wrist and a fine of £200 each, the equivalent of $340 Canadian, despite damage estimated at more than 40,000 books – more than $68,000 – By the crown. Prosecutor, at Capel Manor College's Gunnersbury Park campus, last February.

The English newspaper indicated that the two children, whose identities were protected due to their young age, then sneaked into animal habitats protected by the Foundation, which owns zoos and farms to teach animal care, where they allegedly killed rabbits, snakes and birds.

They also allegedly stole various animals, including a ferret, pigs, turkeys and three snakes, before being found by authorities while playing with reptiles in a locker room near the scene.

It is also understood the boys pleaded guilty to criminal damage, for vandalizing a mini-golf course at Gunnersbury Park.

“Extreme cruelty”

According to prosecutor Vijay Khotan, who did not want to broadcast images from surveillance cameras, the two young men would have shown “extreme cruelty towards animals,” while they would have thrown, beaten and trampled the animals, he said. included.

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However, the defendants were of “good character” before committing the crimes, which were described as a “big leap towards criminality”, according to British media.

If the boys' parents were responsible for paying the fine imposed on their children, the judge insisted that the young criminals would in turn have to pay for what they had done.

“It's your crime, it's your punishment, not your parents' punishment. You have to do something to repay them… whatever they ask you to do,” she insisted, according to the Independent.

One of the owls, named Shiraz, which escaped during the incident, was reportedly found safe and sound in a warehouse at London's Heathrow Airport.

Screenshot taken from the Capel Manor College website