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TikTok: To Hell With Principles

The left has always asserted its moral superiority over conservative ideology.

But that does not prevent, in these troubled times, the basic principles that underlie their values ​​are put to the test.

You have to look to the Canadian left to see a fine example of hypocrisy in all its glory.

Damn Tik Tok

For the majority, the federal government’s decision to remove TikTok from all the phones of its employees, then ministers, MPs and political staff, caused alarm.

For the leader of the National Party, this is a tragedy.

Jagmeet Singh has nearly 879,000 followers on TikTok. By abandoning it, he is depriving himself of his most effective means of communication, to reach an electorate as elusive as it is, the youth.

However, driven by his sense of responsibility, and the importance of setting an example, he followed suit.

It is difficult, in fact, to risk becoming the last Trojan of China’s information services in the country?

Moreover, this crusade of the Western political class against TikTok has a strong geopolitical component in the face of Chinese interference.

But distancing yourself from TikTok has its limits, especially when it comes to money.

Thus, the think tank closest to the NDP, the Broadbent Institute, has chosen to ignore the current debate.

Its annual conference begins on Wednesday, and who is one of its sponsors? You guessed it, Tik Tok!

The Broadbent Institute argues that its sponsors have no influence over the content of its conferences. However, he says he is open to reviewing his decision if “specific allegations come to light.”

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As Lenin said so well: “In a society based on the power of money, there can be no real freedom.”