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When Biden calls the Japanese “xenophobes”

When Biden calls the Japanese “xenophobes”

Less than a month after welcoming Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during a state visit during which he expressed his happiness at sharing “the same values” with his guest Joe Biden. On Wednesday, he described the citizens of the Land of the Rising Sun as “xenophobes.”It is a trait the latter shares with the Russians and Chinese.

The Democratic President made these statements during a fundraising event in Washington, where he explained the reason for the better performance of the American economy than other economies.

“You know, one of the reasons our economy is growing is because of you and so many others. Why? Because we welcome immigrants,” Biden said, according to reporters who accompanied him to the event, which included Democratic donors of Asian and Pacific Island descent. “The reason — listen, think. .. Why is China losing economic momentum? Why is Japan having problems? Why Russia? Because they are xenophobes. They don't want immigrants. Immigrants are what makes us strong. »

Biden already made similar comments last March during an interview with Spanish media. For the sake of diplomacy, we will return.

(Photo by Reuters)

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