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How to promote Inuit self-determination in scientific research?

How to promote Inuit self-determination in scientific research?

Researchers from Nunavut who conducted graduate studies in southern Canada, who gathered in Iqaluit during the 19th ArcticNet Scientific Meeting, believe more efforts should be made to encourage and support Inuit in the research community.

They believe that Inuit self-determination in this sector requires the establishment of a university in the Inuit region of the Canadian Arctic.

The scientific meeting, which continues until Thursday, is the first for the Inuit Nunangat Research Network, which brings together the four Inuit regions in the north of the country. Monday opened with a roundtable that focused on the experience of four Inuit researchers in academia.

Underrepresentation of Inuit

Several panelists said they were not destined for a scientific career, especially since that path was not actually available to them.

This is the case of Jessica Binney, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto who is interested in the links between the environment and Inuit health.