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Carmo.  Jean-Louis Giroud promoted "Honorary" from the SEE Education Community

Carmo. Jean-Louis Giroud promoted “Honorary” from the SEE Education Community

Jean-Louis Guiraud, who will celebrate his 99th birthday in January, continues his scientific work at ISAE-SUPAERO (Institut Superior of Aeronautics and Space), where he is still a research associate: “My last publication was commissioned by REE (Revue de l’Electricité). et de l’Electronique) on the history of radar stealth”.

In this year 2021, the university professor emeritus has just been promoted to “honorary” by the SEE (Society for Electricity, Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies, a learned society established in 1883): “This is the highest degree of this Society where study days and workshops have been organized Scientific work and international conferences for more than 45 years to disseminate science in the field of mathematical techniques applied to electromagnetism, mathematical physics and related disciplines.

Honorary rank is the highest honor awarded by EDC. Awarded to some of the senior members whose work, creativity and work in the fields of SEE activity have been noted.

Jean-Louis Guiraud was recently promoted: “for his extensive research work in microwaves, antennas, radar and stealth, his contribution to the life of the SEE for 45 years and the organization of the Nice International Days on Antennas.”

Fantastic trip

Jean-Louis Giroud was born in Carmo: “I was born in the Saint-Cécile region.” A former USC rugby center three quarters and former USC tennis player, he was awarded the National Medal of Merit for Officer Badges in 2006.

During his remarkable career, he was Director of Research at CNET’s Center for Satellite Antenna Studies in La Turbie, Director of Communications and Networks at Sophia Antipolis, and University Professor at ENSICA in Toulouse, then ISAE. But he is also emeritus of the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis, an expert in the DGA, and a member of scientific societies.

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Jean-Louis Giroud is also an officer of the Academic Palm Order, and many other titles that reward great scholar and great man of science: “I always do my best to spread science, and to encourage young people to follow this path entirely from the future.”