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A digital space for entrepreneurs

A digital space for entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship Equality Agency has opened a digital space in Coroneres, in Poitiers, where neighborhood entrepreneurs are supported on issues related to their business management, communication, etc.

Arnaud Varane

There are about 70 of them between Poitiers and Chatelot, aged between 25 and 50 and sharing a flair for entrepreneurship, in construction, cleaning and so on. However, the local entrepreneurs supported by the Entrepreneurship Equality Agency do not necessarily have the rules of a modern economy. “One time, someone brought me a handwritten bill after he bought the bill book from the tobacco shop.”explains Surabad Saeed Mohamed, Delegate-General of APEE. Hence a digital space was created at 8, Place de Bretagne, in the former building of APEE, now established in Saint-Eloi.

From here, five computers are served by the network manager Enidis Allowing managers to gradually gain independence in management, accounting, communications, etc.“You can learn to use the office suite of programs on your computer” “, says Aberrzak Halloumi, President of APEE. This is exactly the role of Audrey Charouer. The Director of Digital Support offers advice to those who unexpectedly move into the digital space, but also organizes thematic workshops related to creating a website, SEO on Google and other topics vector for liberation .“Often, they don’t realize the importance of communication.” comments Audrey Charroyer.“After twenty-four months, they will have to look for their own markets, so we don’t want to create dependency for them and do things for them.”

Adds Surabad Saeed Muhammad.

Apparently, the approximately 70 entrepreneurs must secure the equivalent of 1.5 million euros in orders annually for Ekidom, Habitat de la Vienne and other public and private clients. Hence the need to be “professional in approach, beyond the knowledge they have mastered in the field.” By 2024, the second APEE branch will open its doors in Chatellerault, with a digital space project already in place.

Enidis also donated an electric car for occasional trips to construction sites.

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