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Let La Pointe earn a living

Let La Pointe earn a living

Well, there is another controversy surrounding the festival.

Après « Samian et le Festival où il ya trop de français », et « Émile Bilodeau et le Festival où il ya trop d’hommes », voici « Éric Lapointe et le Festival où il ya trop… d’Éric Summit.

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Any thing

duty We learned yesterday that the Plessisville Maple Festival is in hot water because a woman on social media was offended that we invited Eric Lapointe.

Among “roast maple”, “race bazzos”, “posting competition” (divided into four categories: amateur stock saws; looking stock saws; modified saws; Sciotte, godendart, hot water bottle and ax throwing), “tractor shooting” Inflatable games, a small farm, a makeup booth, a lively street parade and a show by former students of Polyvalente La Samare de Plessisville, the festival will start on stage … Eric Lapointe!

It doesn’t fit the web judges who are of the opinion that we should boycott rock.

The motto of the Maple Festival is: “You will imbibe at the cabin.” They did not believe well.

Eric Lapointe pleaded guilty in 2019 to an assault case. I don’t want to belittle or belittle the gestures that the instrumentalist makes. But the criminal and criminal prosecutor and defense attorney requested a conditional release. The judge approved their joint proposal. La Pointe was not sentenced to any prison sentence!

And should the “people’s court” with Eric Lapointe be more severe than the official one? La Pointe faced justice. Why is a professional penalty imposed on him?

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Is La Pointe the faulty maple to set back, or can it not be restored? (I’ve exhausted all my puns with maple wood…)

In general, you have every right to “boycott” La Pointe because you find what he did unacceptable.

But why should those who want to give La Pointe a second chance be denied this choice?

If a criminal who has served his sentence has the right to the principle of “social reintegration” and “rehabilitation”, then why do artists not deserve it?

Emily Bennett, 22, who is behind the boycott call, told Homework “Being known is a privilege. Celebrities are supposed to be role models, and that sends a bad message that Eric Lapointe is still on stage.

All celebrities have to be perfect or they’ll stay hidden at home?

But who are these young priests handing out their sentences from the top twenty years of life experience?

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Among the slippage in the #metoo movement, we saw:

  1. Those who are convicted before trial,
  2. Those who pass judgments, even when there are no charges;
  3. Who continue to punish them even after the offender receives his sentence!

I have questions for web offenders: When will you be happy? What sentence would be severe enough in your opinion? How many centuries should sinners be banished? When will you stop presenting yourself as lawyers, judges and ministers of justice?

You are causing society… incalculable harm.