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How does Apple want to end casual bracelets

Apple has been granted a patent in the US for wristbands with NFC chips. Depending on its color, the Apple Watch screen will change color, but it will also be possible to activate certain functions automatically. It would also be a way for Apple to control counterfeit products by removing certain features if “fake wristbands” are used.

The Watch Ultra wears a connected bracelet // Source: Anthony Woner – Frandroid

Apple still lacks ideas to improve its products, but also to reduce fakes. brand got Patented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The novelty of the next bracelets for their connected watches: an NFC chip, which would provide more automation, for sporty users or not.

Change the color of the bracelet and change the color of the watch

The patent relates to adding an NFC module to the end of an Apple Watch band. It can come into contact with a new NFC module in the watch body. At that time, the screen will immediately take on the color of the bracelet. You can change the Apple Watch screen theme color today, but not automatically. Jobs like this already exist in the Apple ecosystem. Take the AirPods Max for example: different colors are presented and when you pair or connect them to your iPhone, the corresponding color that is displayed on the screen.

Silicone sports wristband. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

This use imagined by Apple goes further: for example, if you attach a bracelet dedicated to sports activity (an orange Apple Watch Ultra for example), a sports application can be launched directly, or screen reception can be adapted to a sports use.

Band diagram with NFC chip for Apple Watch // Source: Patent filed by Apple

Another detailed overview: When you wear a bracelet specifically for swimming, your Apple Watch can activate water protection functions (purifying water, in particular). There is also integration of health, environmental, biometrics, gestures, communication, sound output sensors, etc. Thanks to the use of NFC in the wristbands, the manufacturer can integrate almost anything it wants into its Apple Watches and think of the wristbands as accessories.tastyfrom his watch.

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New bands and a new security system for Apple Watch

as shown Obviously apples, This patent is also accompanied by a security system. Since the watch will have to control the bracelets to change their color, they will also have to make sure that said bracelet “OfficialSold by Apple or authorized accessories. In the documents submitted by Apple to the US office, we can read the following:If it is determined that the wrist strap associated with the device is not an authorized wrist strap, a warning may be presented using an output component of the device, and/or one or more features of the device may be deactivated or otherwise modifiedA warning may also appear on the watch screen.

Apple Watch Series 8 strap system
Apple Watch Series 8 Band System // Source: ChloƩ Pertuis for Frandroid

The justification given by Apple has to do with security: a third-party band may not be properly attached to the Apple Watch, which could damage it. The advantage is that Apple can benefit greatly from these new bracelets. On her site, the smallest model sells for 49 euros, while in prop stores you can find them for less than 10 euros. This patent can put an end to these unofficial products, while benefiting others. Also an opportunity for Apple to increase prices, because manufacturing will cost more.

Be warned: this is a patent, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will implement its new ideas. The brand can abandon this project if it considers it unprofitable for it.

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