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We tell you everything!

Immerse yourself in the action, feel all the emotions and rediscover your audio content with unparalleled clarity and precision thanks to revolutionary technology from Sennheiser.

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Discover the smallest of Sennheiser Max speakersSennheiser Ambeo Plus speakers : Get ready to revolutionize your home audio experience, putting you right in the middle of the action with unprecedented clarity and immersion. Sennheiser Ambeo Plus speakers Available now For as low as €1,200 on

Elegant design for easy integration into your interior design

  • the design Elegant and simple The Sennheiser Ambeo Plus speaker fits perfectly into any home environment.
  • Simple installation and versatile mounting options allow you to install it with ease in which room.

Superior sound quality

  • High-performance speakerscombined with advanced audio processing technology, delivers exceptionally clear and rich sound reproduction.
  • Enjoy deep, powerful bass sound with… Integrated subwooferwhich brings every explosion, every bass note and every sound effect to life.
  • Support for high-resolution audio formats allows you to enjoy studio-quality music, Every nuance is presented honestly.

Discover Ambeo technology forImmersive surroundings

  • Ambio technology offers Immersive spatial audio 360 degrees, taking you to the heart of the event.
  • Enjoy a cinematic experience at home with 5.1.4 channel surround sound, letting you feel every detail.
  • the Built-in side and top speakers Ensure sound is distributed evenly throughout the room.
Dolby Atmos compatible, the Sennheiser Ambeo SoundBar Plus puts you right in the heart of the action.

Sennheiser speakers are suitable for all situations

  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet Or any other compatible device.
  • Provides you with multiple HDMI and audio inputs Flexibility Maximum connectivity for all your audio and video devices.
  • Control your audio experience with Included remote control or intuitive mobile appallowing you to customize sound settings.

Why choose Sennheiser Ambeo plus speakers?

Immerse yourself in your favorite movies and series with exceptionally clear sound in your living room. Find out today Sennheiser Ambeo plus speakers.

Choose the Sennheiser Ambeo plus speaker for immersive movie nights at home!

Content designed and presented by Le Figaro services. Le Figaro's editorial staff was not involved in the production of this article.

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