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The official launch of the activities of the Observatory of Success in Higher Education

I’Observatory of success in higher education (ORES) celebrated the official start of its activities on March 22, 2023, during an event that brought together, face to face and virtually, more than 300 representatives from the college and university circles, in particular the administrators, professional staff and researchers. The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Paul de Blois, and the Rector of the University of Quebec, Alexandre Cloutier, addressed a few words to the audience on the occasion, recalling the importance of the mission of this new observatory, and it aims to be a place of convergence where we share the most relevant and current knowledge about accessibility, perseverance and success, which You will help redefine the college and university environments to be more aligned with the needs of our students.

“In a society where the problems to be solved are increasingly complex and require in-depth knowledge, more than ever we need to encourage our young people to pursue their studies. I invite us to collectively continue this important work on the accessibility, perseverance and success of students in order to support them in their success, at the peak of their aspirations” . University of Queensland President Alexander Cloutier said.

The creation of the observatory is part of the continuation of an initiative developed more than 20 years ago by a team from the University of Quebec: the Consortium of Animation on Perseverance and Russian enseignement supérieur (CAPRES). The quality of the work done there and their proven experience prompted the Government of Quebec to entrust them with this new mandate.

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ORES therefore wishes to share the mission of higher education: to contribute to a world where everyone can learn, develop and fulfill themselves. explained Julie Jani, director of the Observatory for Success in Higher Education.

This was followed by a round table where the committee members were able to share their own experiences, the difficulties and successes they went through during their student journey, and their ideas for improving our educational environments, the notes of which fit into the latest thematic file produced by the university. Observatory:Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI): At the heart of student success. Hosted by Françoise Janet, we got to hear Florence Khriati (Florence K), Adrien Monthoni, Aly Ndiaye (Webster) and Anna Corinne Saint-Glis Awashish.

Photo credit: Louise LeBlanc
From left to right: Alexandre Cloutier, Rector of the University of Quebec, Julie Gagnier, Director of the Observatory for Success in Higher Education, Webster, Anna Corinne Saint-Glace Ouachich, Adrien Monthony, Paul de Blois, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Françoise Janet and Florence Kharyati.