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FOBIA: St. Hotel  Dinfa Horror is coming to Xbox in 2022

FOBIA: St. Hotel Dinfa Horror is coming to Xbox in 2022

A new first-person investigation and horror game will launch on Xbox from 2022. We’re talking about FOBIA: St.

FOBIA: St. Hotel Dinfna is an exciting psychological horror title in which we will play Roberto, a rookie journalist, in a bloody battle against the supernatural. Solve different puzzles and face the creatures that will haunt you in the halls of this luxurious and terrifying hotel.

FOBIA Show: Hotel St. Dinfa is now available to you.

Although we do not currently know how long we will have to wait to enjoy the final version of FOBIA: Hotel St. The demo that we will find is available on Steam.

Phobia is an immersive journey of suspense and investigation that begins in a decadent hotel dominated by a technologically advanced cult. This sect advocates the union of science and religion and secretly conducts human enhancement experiments involving genetic modifications and parallel facts.

Past, present, and future collide in a story full of puzzles, enigmas, and intrigue. In this journey, in search of the truth, the player must explore different worlds with the help of the camera, fend off the brutal creatures that lurk in the hotel halls and fight for their survival.

FOBIA: Hotel St. Dinfna on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, and Pc (Steam) sometime in 2022.

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