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Mike Ward comments on his unforgettable performance on Live from the Universe

Mike Ward comments on his unforgettable performance on Live from the Universe

During one of his latest podcasts under listeningthought Mike Ward his performance in live from the universe by Stephen Vallow. This was the first time he sang live.

You should know he impressed everyone with a great resume of Leonard Cohen’s piece. See his number here.

My ass ringing didn’t bother me. The musicians are very good, they are very experienced, they always work together. You are surrounded by singers. Even if you suck, they will point you and put some echo into the mic and turn the volume down “, He says.

Add : ” But, what was stressing me was that on the podcast, as soon as I had 4-5 drinks in my body, I was like, “I’m singing in Tabarn***!” There, I remembered I had already said that if I did The Voice, everyone would turn around. There I had the dog. »

I guess everyone thought I was going to sound hurtful because when I came for rehearsal I sang and after the first clip, the techies clapped like copycat shows in the ’90s where people were like, “Yeah, we recognized the song!”. »

Isabelle Poulay came to see me, and said to me, “Indeed, if someone sings the same thing at La voix, I will surely see myself again.” “Continue.” I was like, “That’s a nice compliment.” But she continued, “Your voice sure isn’t perfect…” There, I was like, “Shut up, stop talking.” »

I don’t have technology. When I sing, it comes out all over the place. I smashed my throat, I was really nervous. »

Note that next week France Beaudoin will welcome Paul Arcand into her group.

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