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The 8 Cruelest Norman Brathwaite Jokes OK

The 8 Cruelest Norman Brathwaite Jokes OK

We have already said “He who loves well shall be punished well.”

If we count on great, well-cooked comedy! Broadcasting on Sunday night, mean Norman Brathwaite is lovable in Tabr***.

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Seven of his best friends plus Mona de Grenoble, whom he met that evening, have gathered to commemorate a host Chili pepperwhile making fun of every aspect of his eventful life.

The following is a distinctive feature of each of the “toasters»:

Laurent Paquin:

“Norman is the only black actor who, when he speaks in a Haitian dialect, is his cultural appropriation.”

Richardson Zephyr:

“Let’s talk about the person who opened all the doors for people in my community, but kept all the keys.”

Alex Peron:

“If we were a couple, you and me, it would be black and white, and it wouldn’t happen today. And I’m not saying which… It depends on the parts!”

Yves Pelletier:

“when I saw foot powder… exclaims, houndstooth… »

Los Duvolt:

She sang a parody Scotch night Who laughs at his addiction to alcohol.

Real Bland:

Bring a man with his big feet on stage. Norm doesn’t seem to like feet.

Max Martin:

“We each have an extraordinary daughter. We are sending the worst message to society. Get drunk, and then freeze your face, you will make beautiful children.”

Mona from Grenoble:

“I’ve eaten taxi seats, because yes, I get in taxis when I drink.”

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It is available as a catch-up on TVA+.Also on the bag of potato chips: