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Hockey’s Toxic Culture: Mandatory Training for Parents?

Hockey Quebec is considering making respect and etiquette training mandatory for parents.

The organization says the incident in Blissville, in which parents were involved in a violent fight during a hockey game this past March, is not such a dramatic event in its thinking.

“It’s not to force a person to do it or to go cashing in. The goal is just to raise awareness, to equip parents to become vectors of change,” Quebec Hockey Director Jean-François Leblond explains to TVA Nouvelles.

Coaching is currently available on the Hockey Quebec website, but remains optional for the time being.

“These are modules that last about an hour, and they’re available in the Respect group. We want parents to supervise their children, to support their children, but we want them to be the guardians behind them. How do you have a great experience, and how do you succeed in having a positive, healthy, and safe experience,” he explains. the boss.

“It happens sometimes that with emotion, we can say bigger words. I think so, I think it can be a good thing.”

Since 2018, this training has been mandatory for coaches.

“It puts your values ​​in the right place.”

“It provides tools specifically to connect with those who have a surplus specifically, so they can apply it directly in the match.”

Young athletes share the same opinion.

“It’s still a good idea, on the ground, because sometimes the parents are involved in the game, and so they’re not really present in the game.”

“It will bring benefits, 100%. Even in the stands sometimes it deteriorates a little, and then yes, it bothers, it still affects a little bit. It’s written in the arena: the game should remain a game, then parents don’t have to get involved in that.”

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Training is free until the end of April. Without setting a deadline, Hockey Quebec says it continues to consider implementing this potential regulation.