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Tiger Woods sneaks into the final rounds of the Masters

Augusta | Tiger Woods will soon have to cater to his good friend Justin Thomas. Thanks to the latter, the tiger was able to sneak into the final rounds of the Masters tournament.

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The 47-year-old golfer arrived at Augusta National Course around 8 am this morning to complete his second round.

Two consecutive bogeys, at the 17th and 18th flags, had to knock him out of the top 50 due to his +3 cumulative record. At the time of his final shot, the Masters Ax is set at +2.

So he was threatened with missing the final rounds for the first time in his professional career, as he had 22 in a row.

So Woods’ fate was in the hands of Justin Thomas and Songjae Im, just ahead of him at +2. Thomas also committed a bogey on the 17th and moved his cleaver streak to +3. But he added again in the 18th by being completely out of the final rounds with a cumulative score of +4 for the first time in eight matches in Augusta.

“I love this course and being in this tournament. I obviously missed a few runs because of my injuries, but I still wanted to play it just as much,” said the green-jacketed golfer in the pouring rain mid-morning.

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“I now have a chance to play weekend rounds.”

dreadful time

It’s been duck weather since dawn in Augusta. The mercury dropped dramatically to around 10 degrees Celsius after a few days when it was nearing 30 degrees.

The official line of thunderstorms that swept through eastern Georgia yesterday afternoon.

During the third round still on the schedule today, rain will continue to trouble the 54 golfers who have battled the axe. More than 20 mm of rain is expected this afternoon.

Winds will continue at speeds of up to 30 km/h, while wind gusts are expected to reach 50 km/h.