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Hockey Quebec will adjust its governance rules

Hockey Quebec intends to amend its governance rules, in particular its process for appointing members of its board of directors.

The consortium intends to draw on 10 recommendations from BNP Performance, which it has commissioned to review its operations from top to bottom.

Many of the identified weaknesses relate to the role and composition of the board. BNP stresses: “For the board of directors to be strong and effective, it must be completely independent.” Like a private company that distinguishes directors from shareholders, it should be the same for Quebec hockey. Because Hockey Quebec builds its rule through representation and delegation. Thus, while this makes it possible to shed light connected with the reality of the different regions, it also contributes to the creation of a board of directors that adopts and bears the interests that flow from the will of the people who have contributed to their appointment. “actor”. »

The BNP notes that the current process “helps create a single-minded culture of binding ethical kings.” The chairman of the board, Claude Fortin, also explained in a press briefing that Hockey Quebec plans to limit the number of term renewals per manager.

Another recommendation relates to the Standing Committee of the Provinces. The BNP found its role to appear “poorly framed”. ” [Il] It aims for regions to have the power of force rather than to allow regions to be heard. We recommend overhauling his entire role to find actual value, and serving more as a facilitating partner between the regions and Hockey Quebec. »

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The BNP does not recommend abolishing structures or boards of directors, but instead, “a serious examination of the questioning of the role and a reformulation of the powers, if necessary.”

The company suggests that Hockey Quévec make a better distinction between governance and operations. The BNP wrote: “In many cases, we find that the structure relies almost exclusively on volunteers sitting on the board of directors, which inevitably leads to confusion in roles and managers temporarily leaving their governance role to come in and run the hockey. […] Hockey Qyébec will have to deploy a governance framework at all levels. This framework will allow for the equipping of different boards that do not necessarily have the capacity or experience to carry out such an exercise. »

Hockey Quebec’s general manager, Jocelyn Thibault, indicated that certain recommendations will be made this year. Others will occupy it until the end of its term.