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Here’s what we thought about Celine Dion’s controversial new biopic

Here’s what we thought about Celine Dion’s controversial new biopic

Unauthorized autobiography is highly controversial, Tell me, Celine Written by Lawrence Catino-Crust, which has just been published in France and which will be available in Quebec booksellers in a few days, is rich in words and anecdotes. Despite its shortcomings and the biographer’s “big” lie, the work allows us to learn more about Charlemagne’s singer.

Even before its release, this biography was the subject of controversy.

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Laurence Catneau-Crost made an unforgivable mistake when she spoke to the French media Mission Having interviewed Celine Dion over a long period to write her book. This statement is false: the biographer never spoke to Celine Dion. In the process, its publisher was forced to deny the biographer’s claims.

However, Laurence Catino-Crost has produced work of high quality. She had no need to make such a statement. She certainly didn’t realize the extent of her lie. Such unfortunate naivety strips credibility from her resume that we question the veracity of some of Celine Dion’s revelations.

This is all the more important when we note that there are already dozens of unauthorized biographies of Celine Dion, most of them by French authors who didn’t necessarily make as much noise. However, this is another one that, in my opinion, is better documented than several others.


We must realize that this biography, presented in an intimate way, is interesting and well written, and that, despite all we have read about Celine over the decades, it allows us to learn new things. In addition, because of the many references, everything indicates that the research was good.

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Among the stories kept, we are pleased to know that Celine’s cousin is the Queen’s consort, Camilla Parker Bowles. They are ninth cousins ​​according to the author who created Selene’s ancestral family tree dating back to the 18th century, other than that, there are many more known tales.

However, the author highlights the different ways of doing things that René Angélil did that will surprise many.

The author writes with great respect and admiration for Celine Dion, and compares her on several occasions to singer Maria Callas, especially in her love and need to sing.

his illness

Even if those close to Celine, including her sister Claudette, tried on more than one occasion to downplay Celine’s illness, the Stiff person syndrome (Stiff Person Syndrome) Forcing her to cancel the performances, we realize, according to the author, that her health problems are much more serious than what the singer’s entourage initially suggested.

To learn more, the author sought information from US specialists, particularly at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, who describe the syndrome as a rare neurological disorder that exhibits characteristics of an autoimmune disease characterized by stiff, twitching muscles of the trunk and extremities, increased sensitivity to stimuli such as noise and touch, and emotional distress. , which can lead to muscle spasms in the legs, arms, back, and even the face.

It is a chronic disease for which there is currently no cure. However, some symptoms can be treated with sedatives, muscle relaxants, and steroids.

The author also obtained information from Julian Kavanagh, a neurologist who specializes in autoimmune diseases in Boston. He explains that this disease makes the immune system, which usually protects us from viruses and bacteria, turn against the person and begin attacking the microscopic structures of the central nervous system that manages muscle relaxation.

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However, according to the author, Celine, the combative as we know her, was willing to go further to treat herself by opting for muscle relaxants (muscle relaxants), a treatment that Dr.s Jill R. Schofield, a leading authority in this field, works at the Colorado Multisystem Disease Center.

Celine restricts herself to an anti-inflammatory diet, exercises regularly, engages in breathing techniques and practices meditation primarily to reduce stress, while working with a physical therapist.

One thing is certain, Celine, today in the shadows, shows great courage, spares no effort and does everything in her power to overcome this and one day return to the stage.

♦ On sale in Quebec as of September 11.