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Bad news for Cerebrum fans

Bad news for Cerebrum fans

Let’s start with great news: The brain He will indeed return for the long-awaited third season.

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In addition, the production was keen to respond to the numerous comments on the show’s Facebook page, dispelling doubts about the series’ return. Claude Lugo And maintain it François Papineau In the role of Dr. Henry Lacombe.

François Babineau, who previously took on the role of Lego during Burnout, will enthusiastically take on the character of the serious Doctor Lacombe, bringing great joy to viewers.

As for the bad news, which is sure to upset many fantasy fans, Radio Canada She announced that the third season of the psychological thriller series will be the last.

In this new season he wrote Richard PlymaertDr. Lacombe continues to practice at the Institute while working as a forensic analyst on the Simon Vallier team.

Their quest is to find out who kills doctors who have been cleared of medical errors. In addition, the lawyer who defended some will find herself at the center of the conspiracy.

The third season is scheduled to air on Radio Canada’s 2024 schedule.

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