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Tintin’s “The Jewels of Castafiore” has been republished with the original drawings

Tintin’s “The Jewels of Castafiore” has been republished with the original drawings

Casterman Publications announced on Wednesday that Tintin’s album “Les Bijoux de la Castafiore” will reappear in October with original sketches published in the Tintin newspaper.

The album “Tintin du Journal Edition” arrives in bookstores October 4, adorned with a profile that sheds light on Hergé’s work and the context of the time, according to the publisher’s publications programme.

The plates of the original, initially published in the newspaper Tintin, have lain dormant in their archives for 60 years. “These unpublished documents, meticulously restored, allow us today to bring a new brilliance to the story,” Casterman says in introducing the book. “.

Les Bijoux de Castafiore, Tintin’s twenty-first album, was published in Tintin newspaper between July 1961 and September 1962, at a rate of one page per week.

The version published in the volume in 1963 is slightly different. Hergé modifies or simplifies the decor of some of the paintings, to highlight the events taking place in the foreground. Recoloured too.

Album sales, in all languages ​​combined, were estimated at 10 million copies in 2021, the year a pencil drawing of page 54 was sold at auction (for 143,000 euros).

The album is appreciated by fans for its rebellious character, the action confined to the Château de Moulinsart and its surroundings, the humor pushed to the point of the absurd, an ultra-modern critique of the spectacle’s society, and an exploration of the character of the Captain. haddock.

For another album titled “Les Cigares de pharaon”, Casterman published a new version in October 2022, in which the black and white originals from 1932-1934 have been restored and recoloured. Readers are most familiar with the revised color edition from 1955.

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