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Michel Desrochers presents “Pilot”! | jdm

It’s the first “comfortable and crunchy” solo show that comedian Michelle Desrochers will perform this fall with ballto learn Newspaper. “We’re going to introduce my stage persona who happens to be very close to me: a pathetic bachelor who makes a lot of fun with himself and has a passion for snacks,” she jokes.

It was revealed to the public last year Celebrity Big BrotherAnother co-star of this reality show, Louis Courchesne, was asked by Michelle Desrochers to direct her show.

“He just arrived in the process and he brings me very much to the level of the game,” says the person who first knew Louis in his improvisations at Le Punch Club. It brings a second wind and punches into the text. He has a unique outlook, he sees the funny in everything.”

Signed by Phaneuf (Louis-José Houde, François Bellefeuille), Michelle Desrochers had a lot of freedom when it came time to work on her show. The best example? one-woman show title, ballwhich can voluntarily create confusion when speaking another very similar, more vulgar word.

“It’s a title I wanted that way,” Michelle says. We keep a little nod to what I do. in his words, ball “Like a cardigan made by an aunt… Reassuring, but itchy a bit.”

self love

Like all premieres, it will first be a business card for the person who graduated from the National School of Humor in 2019. “It’s a show that talks about the possibility of self-irony while loving each other,” she says. There’s a little lesson in self-love. It’s a bit like a movie. Romantically, I am the main character in it.

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Just over a year after participating in the Celebrity Big BrotherMichelle Desrochers hasn’t been following hard the new season that just ended. “It’s a funny feeling. Like you’d go back to your high school or look at your gang’s travel photos, but you’re not there. I still follow from afar and with pride the fellow comedians who got involved.

Michel Desrochers will present ball November 21 (Jesot, Montreal) and November 23 (Salle-Albert-Rousseau, Quebec). For all dates: