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Navigating the National Capital Region: CDPQ Infra has completed a marathon of meetings

Navigating the National Capital Region: CDPQ Infra has completed a marathon of meetings

The Caisse Deposit du Québec (CDPQ) Infra this week completed a marathon of meetings with various stakeholders with the aim of envisioning the future of mobility in the Greater National Capital Region. As planned, his report will be submitted to Legault's government in June.

In about one hundred days, the organization commissioned by the Legault government met with 170 stakeholders “including elected officials, major employers, travel providers, educational and health institutions, economic, environmental, community and transport groups, as well as other actors linked to or interested in the field of mobility,” Detailed by Michele Lamarche, spokeswoman for CDPQ Infra, Friday, in Newspaper.

According to her, “These meetings total about 90 hours of discussion between the months of January and May 2024. This important exercise was carried out by our teams within the framework of several meetings, on the territory of the CMQ [communauté métropolitaine de Québec] And practically.

Improve mobility

Among the main outcomes of these discussions, MI LaMarche spoke of the “significant mobilization” of various actors “and their strong desire to improve mobility on the CMQ territory.”

The drafting of the CDPQ Infra report has already begun. It will contain “the results of our analyzes and the solutions that emerge.” The spokesman said: The report will be submitted in June, as planned.

The exact mechanisms of detection of the prospective document are not yet known. Recently, during the appropriations studies, the Minister responsible for the National Capital Region, Jonathan Julian, confirmed that the report would be published quickly after its submission to the government.

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Following the suspension of the Quebec tram line in November 2023, CDPQ Infra was commissioned by the Quebec government to recommend “solution(s) that will enable the definition of a structural transportation project that will make it possible to improve public transportation for Quebec City.” [et] To improve mobility and fluidity in the metropolitan community of Quebec, especially between the two banks.

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