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Guy A raises.  LePage irritated Christine Morency

Guy A raises. LePage irritated Christine Morency

Guy A. LePage He finds himself in the middle of a controversy after a post issued on the occasion of his friend's birthday.

A birthday wish published by the presenter of the “Tout le monde enloque” program, which sparked strong reactions. It was a message in which he modified the face of his colleague and producer. Guillaume L'Esperance To make him gain weight…or something.

Decision that Christine Morency (And Debbie Lynch Whitein particular) did not fail to comment.

“Today is the birthday of my friend and partner @guillaume_lesperance with whom I have worked for over 25 years. Over the years, he has become the best TV producer in the profession, in my opinion. He has all my trust and all my love. He is a loyal and loyal friend. He is wonderful, efficient, honest and has an excellent sense of humour.” “Happy Birthday Guillaume, time has no effect on you,” the former RBO member wrote under this photo.

That was enough to incite Christine Morency's ire.

The comedian also wanted to express to Jay that this joke was inappropriate, to say the least. By sharing some storiesbut also by reminding him of an excerpt from his appearance in Tout le monde en parole where he was angry, in his company, at the constant hostile behavior of our days.

Debbie Lynch-White also wanted to address everything in the comments.

“We have tried on every platform and every day since the beginning of our lives to make people understand that our fat bodies and our existence are valid and not laughable… This does not help us.” Bantot my dear…”

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Choose Guy A. LePage later deleted his post.