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Solar Eclipse: A large-scale study will be conducted at the Granby Zoo

Solar Eclipse: A large-scale study will be conducted at the Granby Zoo

There is a lot of talk about this total solar eclipse on April 8, especially in schools, but the phenomenon may also have repercussions for animals.

Experts want to study the behavior of some species at the Granby Zoo.

This phenomenon is extremely rare; The next total solar eclipse will not occur again for 82 years.

At the Granby Zoo, we will take the opportunity to conduct a study to see if the behavior of animals has been modified due to this phenomenon.

Many staff and collaborators will be needed to carry out this work.

“There are people from almost every department that will participate. Both in terms of logistics and in terms of monitoring the animals,” explained Patrick Barry, director of conservation and research at the Granby Zoo, adding that CEGEP students will also join the team.

“In total, we estimate that around 38,000 data will be taken because every minute for three hours, between 2pm and 5pm, we will observe the behavior of each individual, and we will repeat this two days after the test is done.” The eclipse, and we will also do this two days before the eclipse so that we can have witnesses as well.

About forty people will be studied.

To know all the details, listen to our report in the video at the beginning of the article.

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