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GUI: Margin Recovery

GUI: Margin Recovery

Algeria is preparing to face a strong team from Guinea. This is an opportunity for EN 2.0 artist Djamel Belmadi to restore calm and room for maneuver after the successful June truce.

Washed away, forgotten, Algeria does not care about the past! At the end of the painful 2022 for the national team, which started as the best formation on the continent and yet will see two eliminations in the African Cup of Nations and at the gates of the World Cup, it is time for reconstruction, once again, and to search for stability above all.

The truce last June was the first outing since Cameroon’s exit. It was an opportunity for Djamel Belmadi, who he confirmed in his position as coach, to release 7 new players and learn to work without many of his trusted men at the time. The balance sheet of 3 wins, including 2 wins in the next CAN qualifier, is clearly positive, but should qualify by the quality of services provided by EN, very chaotic or even mediocre at times. So it will be necessary to find a margin.

What are the options to restore stability?

To reach a level similar to that of Algeria at the end of 2019, the coach made the (wise) option to face, in a friendly match, two typical opponents from the African continent, including Guinea. This meeting could also allow the emergence of a new certainty and also a new backbone that Algeria cannot do without in order to establish itself at the highest level.

So the composition of the Green Party will follow in particular. In the absence of Mandria, who is injured, and Mbulhi, who has just founded a club, it is likely that Mostafa Zoghba will be in the cages. In the central defense, the Toba-Mande duo can be renewed, and in the middle, the Bennacer alliance… and these are perhaps the only facts related to the 11 Greens. Will the cherished 4-3-3 be fixed to Djamel Belmadi’s heart again? Will he again try the defense at 3 (or 5, depending on that)? What status will be given to executives who have been disappointed, such as Atal or Mahrez? Will Bentaleb or Delort be aligned from the start? Lots of questions that deserve special attention.

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Possibly 11 vegetables : Zoghba – Atal – Mandi – Touba – Bensbini – Bin Talib – Bin Nasser – Zerrouqi – Mahrez – Balali – Soleimani

Play and play well

Another aspect of major importance will be noted: match intentions, last June, only winning was important, regardless of the method, to quickly get rid of the shock of elimination in the World Cup. Three months later, Algeria cannot fall asleep in a mediocre match in which it managed to shine during the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

In the meadow of the new stadium in Oran, now the Miloud Hadafi stadium, it will be easier to play on the ground than in Guinea, without offending the future organizer of the African Cup of Nations 2025. The high pressure, which made it possible to crush opponents in the past, would have been one of the Keys to the success of the national team who, without practicing tiki-taka, liked to keep the ball and regularly had the advantage of possession.

Moreover, Guinea, unlike other opponents on our continent, is keen on artistic play. His players, medium in size, put the ball down and show themselves very quickly forward, especially on the wings. This will also be an opportunity for Algeria to find a defensive solidity that has enabled it to be the best defense of the second cup in its history.

Many attractions outside the green square

Away from the players and the game, the environment around the meeting will likely cause a lot of ink to flow. After the generally successful Mediterranean Games, Algeria wants to prove that it is capable of meeting the level of requirements of the greatest countries in the world, in particular with the aim of organizing the African Cup of Nations … and perhaps as early as 2025., This edition is officially dedicated to Guinea.

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Inside the new enclosure, the Olympic complex, the city where you rarely play, Oran, an English will be well received. Tickets have been sold online, and it is hoped that the crowds will also be managed properly (when will real hosts arrive and not just police oversight, BRI and gendarmerie?). It is clear that the condition of the lawn, which has been declared ideal, will be monitored.

Finally, one of the attractions of the meeting is also likely to be the treatment the audience will hold for Andy Delort. Going back to the scandal that would have earned him public interventions from his coach, he appears to be back on tiptoe, wanting to show his contribution on the ground above all else and yet not expressing himself, apart from his recently filmed apologies.

The Algeria-Guinea match will start at 8:00 pm (Algerian time) at the Miloud Hadfi stadium in Oran on Friday, September 23, 2022.