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Matthias Norländer will not return to Laval, says Grant McCagh

Matthias Norländer will not return to Laval, says Grant McCagh

He is a defender promoted by the Canadian marketing machine.

This quote, which dates back a few years, is about Matthias Norländer. These are the words of Simon Boisvert, aka snakeand then, as you can imagine, is not the president of the cannonball fan club.

I still know her by heart after all these years because she’s funny, but mostly because she’s aging so well.

Remember that before landing in North America, man was considered the eighth wonder of the world. Many people considered him an unmissable hope.

Those who did not believe in him, in the end, will be right.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

Why do I tell him that now? After all, he still has a one-year entry-level contract with the Canadian (and the Rocket in particular) for the next few months.

That’s because Grant McCagh said it was over for him.

He will not return to Laval and will not re-sign with the Canadiens.

The former scout claims Norländer played a pre-season match in Sweden recently. This is where his assertion that he is about to leave the organization begins.

He added that the Swede had never adapted to the skating rinks here.

With all the defenders playing for CH and The Rocket next year, Kent Hughes could loan him out to a club in Sweden for the year and let him go after that.

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It’s not more complicated than that.


It’s true that with the youngsters in front of him (Jordan Harris, Kayden Gohle, Arber Zekaj, Justin Baron, Gustav Lindstrom, David Reinbacher, Lynn Hutson, Logan Mailow, Jayden Strobel, William Trudeau and Nicholas Bowden … in particular), it’s not always easy for him. for him.

He will have played six games in the NHL, after all. I don’t see him playing at seven, but I might be surprised.