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Jared Davidson, CH’s nameless hope burning the WHL

The name Jared Davidson may not be very familiar to you. And I don’t blame you.

But at the moment, the name of the 20-year-old is starting to pop up.

Davidson is a fifth-round pick for the Canadiens in 2022. He was drafted on July 8, one day after his 20th birthday. At the age of 19, he impressed with 42 goals and 89 points in 64 games with the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL.

But there, the main interested party has taken it to the next level. This year, with the same Thunderbirds, the WHL burns with a total of 51 points …

in 32 parts.

Nicholas Cloutier (TVA Sports) went to meet with his general manager, Bill LaForgeThe latter gave us a glimpse of what we could see from Davidson in the near future within the CH organization:

He is definitely a competitor (player). He’s not that big or tall, but like Gallagher, he turns up the heat when he jumps on the ice. He has finished checks and is ready to defend his teammates. Bill LaForge

Some will say it’s normal to see him so well because he’s 20 and still playing in the juniors. But Davidson doesn’t rank sixth in WHL history simply because he’s one of the oldest in the league.

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He was put there because he had talent. And his 51 points collected in space 32 have the advantage of being underlined.

As noted by Nicholas Cloutier, L.L.CIn terms of points per game, Jared Davidson is second among Canadian hopefuls this chapter. Joshua Roy finds himself in the front row.

The guy comes out of nowhere and I’m not throwing darts at him saying that. However, I get the impression we’ll start talking about him more often if he continues to dominate the way he does at the moment.

You will understand that he is in his final season in the Junior category and will be ready to make the leap to the pros at the end of the campaign. Could he reach out to the Laval Rocket to finish the season, if the Thunderbirds were quickly eliminated in the WHL? That remained to be seen.

But it will be interesting to see his performance at the end of the season.


I forgot to tell you that CH’s hope knows how to use his fists:

A lot of

– I love that!

That pretty much sums up John Klingberg’s situation.

– Listen to him speak and try not to smile.

– Continued.

He continues brewing at CF Montreal.