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Grocery stores want to integrate 100% automatic checkouts

Grocery stores want to integrate 100% automatic checkouts

The proliferation of automatic checkouts in supermarkets has generated its share of reactions among consumers, while some of them have made no secret of their intention to cancel checkouts with clerks altogether.

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In the US, Kroger and Walmart are testing in some of their subsidiaries.

With the shortage of labor, these companies are more and more attracted to this technology which is still under development.

In an interview with NBC News, the owner of the grocery chain “Stew Leonard’s” realized that the majority of customers prefer regular checkouts.

However, the latter does not hide its satisfaction in including automatic loan operations in its seven branches in the greater New York area.

“The younger ones incorporate them into their habits and like to use them more than the adults. I don’t see a lot of gray hair near spontaneous exits,” Steve Leonard Jr. joked in an interview with NBC News.

“We have a customer teller at the regular checkout. Here, we have two people for eight cases. The ratio is 1 to 4.

Reactions are divided in the comments section of the US Media Report.

“I love being able to go into a store and check out my items myself without having to speak to anyone or see anyone touch all my products,” says one netizen.

“If they give me a discount for using the self-checkout machines, I’ll be fine [de les utiliser]’, the user shares.

“For every self-pay, I lost a worker’s job. That’s why I refuse to use it,” said one man.

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