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Another busy beach in Montreal

Another busy beach in Montreal

Hundreds of revelers gathered on Saturday without respecting health instructions, on a supposedly closed beach in western Montreal, as there was no police or employee watch at the end of the day.

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Alcohol, music, hugs, dance, no masks. This is what the beach in Cap-Saint-Jacques Natural Park looked like, well hidden in the back of the woods in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro region.

According to our observations, there were over 300 people there at the end of the afternoon. However, this beach is officially closed and swimming is prohibited there, as indicated by the signs on the site.

Currently, in the red zone, any gathering of more than eight people is prohibited, even outside it.

But that didn’t stop the swimmers from indulging and partying on Saturdays.

“I have had enough,” said Demetrius Jim Pace, mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, “I have had it, all of this could have been easily avoided.”

According to a letter obtained by Le Journal, this week Mr. Pace informed Mayor Valerie Planet’s office and the City of Montreal Police Department (SPVM) of flood risks in Cap-Saint-Nature Park.

Our request for an interview with Mayor Blunt’s office was not answered on Saturday night.

Agent Rafael Bergeron said regarding the Marine Environment Protection Office, no one can “comment on the situation on this beach before Monday morning.”

“Everything was under control today [samedi]. Traffic was important, and there were a lot of families. “No incidents or rudeness have been reported,” a Montreal city spokesman wrote by email.

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The spokesperson added, “SPVM students will also be present from next week to support staff, ensure safety and comply with health measures, especially physical distancing.”

For Dr.s Jack LaPier, retired virologist, this holiday is so reckless.

“The variants are highly contagious. No spacing respects. No additional mask. Obviously on the outside, the virus is very dilute. But there are always risks. Especially since young people have just received their dose.” Commented Dr.s Stone.

Hundreds of people also celebrated in Victoria Park, Quebec.

Photo by QMI, Guy Martel

Hundreds of people also celebrated in Victoria Park, Quebec.

Earlier this week, Health Minister Christian Dube denounced a party without turning away on Oka Beach.

The police intervened to end the party.

“I don’t want the beaches to be the next gymnasium,” he warned.

Several hundred people gathered at Victoria Park in Quebec City on Saturday evening in a festive atmosphere. Although getting away and wearing a mask was disrespected, most of the people we met didn’t seem anxious at all.

Young and old alike gather around a beer, joint or picnic.

Music and dance Beer pong (A game involving alcohol consumption) was on time, during a passage magazine, About 20 hours.

– with Elsa Alexander, Quebec Magazine