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Australia: Log Book of a French Voyage to Phillip Island

Australia: Log Book of a French Voyage to Phillip Island

Australia is the land of surfing because of its culture and quality, variety and diversity. It has seen the birth of some of the best surfers in the world and it is not for nothing that it attracts many surfers. However, accessing this immense territory can sometimes be difficult as there are so many surf trip opportunities. Among them, Phillip Island is a small island popular with Australians and international travelers who, like French surfer Max, who spent a few months abroad in Australia, enjoys surfing there. The atmosphere is gentle, welcoming and the tiny island seems like the perfect place to live and surf in your van.

Phillip Island and its population of approximately 7,000, connected to the mainland by a bridge, is located at the entrance to West Port Bay, 140 kilometers from Melbourne in the state of Victoria. This small island with an area of ​​100 km2 has 97 km of coastline and numerous attractions. Max spent almost 3 months, from January to March, in his converted car, working, touring and meeting people with the local community. During our conversation with the surfer, we learned more about this small land Surf cultureLocated near Pass Strait in the Indian Ocean.

Surf Session – Hi Max, can you tell us what attracted you to Australia?

Maximum – It is above all the size of the territory and diversity of points that this country offers. You can surf on the east coast, in Queensland and New South Wales, in Victoria and South Australia, and in Western Australia. Longboarder, shortboarder, bodyboarder, knee boarder, longboarder, shortboarder, kneeboarder, I told myself that this country's border should be an ideal and limitless playground for any surfer. It can be thoroughly explored for years on the beach. In my imagination, I've always seen Australia as one of the pioneers of surf culture and lifestyle. I was drawn to this culture and their attitude to the ocean. The first time I came there on a tourist visa, I stayed on Sydney's northern beaches, where people enjoy the ocean, surf, swimming or fishing at dawn.

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How did you end up on Phillip Island?

I found myself there by a great opportunity. I had never heard of this island before coming to Australia. I worked near Melbourne, in a small town 1h30 from the first places. I planned to check my 88 days of work in farms Work visa holiday, with an eye toward a possible sophomore year. A French friend told me about Phillip Island, where he visited at the weekend. I didn't know if there was surfing, but I suspected that its geographical location, south-east of Melbourne, on the front line of Bass Strait, would have plenty to do! So I hit the road after work one Friday evening, my board on the roof of my converted van.