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New Florida for Quebec residents: Mexico

New Florida for Quebec residents: Mexico

Lower cost of living compared to Florida and Quebec, ideal temperature all year round, palm trees, beaches and abundant sunshine… Mexico has become a favorite destination for real estate investors, especially from Quebec.

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“The lifestyle is great, and life is very different from that in Quebec. You live all year in a place where you normally vacation for a few weeks,” says Karen Cabral, whose husband Manuel is a real estate broker and investor in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

People – including four out of five Quebecers – go to it to buy real estate in Mexico. Prices here are a little lower than in Quebec, explains Karen Cabral. “We're talking condos for $150,000 and up. You can also get a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house for $300,000. It's still more affordable than in Quebec,” she says.

Karen and her husband's clients primarily want to invest in real estate, but many of them also want to purchase housing for their retirement. “Currently, we are seeing a huge growth in real estate in the Riviera Maya, it has become the second Florida. In Playa del Carmen this winter, we saw only Quebecers. The cost of coming and spending time here is much lower than “It is in Florida, and the temperature is better.”

“When we left Quebec,” continues MI Cabral, we didn't know yet if we would come back or not, but the lifestyle is very nice. Our children are more developed than in Quebec, they already speak four languages. It is priceless wealth for them. “There is no longer any doubt for us, we will stay here.”

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