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Seven natural ways to release the good mood hormone in your brain

Seven natural ways to release the good mood hormone in your brain

In a May 19 post on Instagram, a neuroscientist named “TJ Power” shared a list of 7 activities that naturally increase your serotonin levels.

Our brain helps us feel happy by producing so-called feel-good hormones. Among them, serotonin, which “functions specifically in regulating mood, appetite, pain perception, body temperature, libido, and alertness,” points out. Brain Institute. Excellent news: through our lifestyle, behavior and diet, we can increase its production. In an Instagram post dated May 19, the neuroscientist nicknamed “TJ power” on the social network listed 7 natural ways to do just that.

Get closer to nature

The specialist recommends adopting habits that bring us as close as possible to nature. Then he recommends exposing yourself to sunlight. The specialist cites study Published in 2002 in the magazine The scalpel : “The rate of serotonin production in the brain is directly related to the prevailing duration of sunlight.”

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Another way to increase your serotonin level is to walk slowly in the forest. Thus, the elements perceived by our five senses allow the release of neurotransmitters that regulate mood, such as serotonin. To reap all the benefits of a walk in nature, it's essential to be fully available, which is why the expert advises against wearing headphones.

From a nutritional standpoint, the specialist then advises “eat your favorite fruits.” study Published in 2018 in the scientific journal Nutrients He specifically explains that “fruits, vegetables, and seeds are the main sources of 5-HT” (the scientific name for serotonin).

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Caring for your gut microbiome

The expert explains that “90% of this hormone is produced in the intestines.” Study published in 2018 In the American magazine Integrative Medicine: The Physician's Journal (IMCJ). The latter reveals that intestinal “good bacteria” beneficially modulate serotonin metabolism. Therefore, paying attention to gut health is essential to increase the level of this neurotransmitter. On a daily basis, we can provide these good bacteria to our microbiome by consuming kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, etc.


One study said that “continuous practice of yoga reduces depression and can lead to a significant increase in serotonin levels.” Stady From 2011, published in International Journal of Yoga. Based on this study, the neuroscientist recommends taking a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly.

The quality of our nights also plays an essential role. Therefore, the neuroscientist recommends paying special attention to the environment in which we sleep and making our bedroom a calm place. It is not surprising that “sleep as much as possible.”