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After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Diane Lavallee takes a break from work

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Diane Lavallee takes a break from work

Actress Diane Lavallee, known as Therese Barry little life, She has to take a career break due to her breast cancer.

This withdrawal from the theater means that she will not be able to participate in the play this summer Call me Stefan At the Maison des Arts Desjardins Drummondville, in the center of Quebec.

QMI Photo Agency, Mario Beauregard

Caroline Bouchard will play the role of Gilbert instead of Diane Lavallee, whom we recently saw in the series. Alerts, value added tax. She will also be in the movie musical this summer Our sisters in lawWritten by René Richard Cyr.

Watch the trailer for Our sisters in law Where we can see Diane Lavallee alongside the five-star cast:

“After undergoing surgery and receiving radiotherapy, it has become impossible for me to attend rehearsals and go on stage during the summer period. I need to prioritize my health and get back in shape. I will be thinking of my companions in the theater. I thank Monarque Productions,” Diane Lavallee said in a press release. “For supporting me during this time of turmoil.”

It was made clear that out of respect for the 68-year-old actress, no interviews would be conducted on this topic.

Diane Lavallee, who has a long career on stage, television and film, is the mother of actress Laurence LeBeouf.

comedy Call me Stefan, Written by Claude Meunier and Louis Saia, it will be presented from June 28 to August 17 at the Maison des Arts Desjardins-Drummondville. More information is available On-line.

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