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The residents of the house refuse to leave, despite the eviction notice

The residents of the house refuse to leave, despite the eviction notice

About 15 residents of a Mont Joli apartment home were due to leave their homes Thursday, after their landlord gave them a notice to vacate a few weeks ago, leaving them less than one to move out.

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Some vulnerable and low-income residents still refuse to leave and challenge the legality of this eviction. This is the case of Renee Howard and his wife.

“I’m going to sleep on the side of the road!” Renee Howard revolted. I will have nowhere to stay, to feed myself. nothing!”

Its owner received two non-compliance notices from the Mont Joli City Fire Department and chose to close the doors of his establishment.

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Like other inmates in his situation, Renee Howard’s income is limited. The housing shortage means that none are available, and the Office of Municipal Housing (OMH) in Mont-Joli already has a long waiting list.

“We are preparing to leave if we can find something. I still have a lot of personal belongings and I have furniture,” Renee Howard added.

“The waiting list for singles is very long, and I don’t have housing available. People stay,” said Valer April, general manager of OMH.

For his part, the owner defends himself. Ariel Wolf said he has already spent $300,000 to make his build compliant, and still has to pay the same amount for other work. An amount he claims he does not have.

“There is no help from government or municipalities or whatever for this kind of situation,” Mr. Wolf explained.

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The Bas-Saint-Laurent housing commission denied interview requests from TVA Nouvelles this morning. He said, however, that the eviction notice sent was illegal.

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“I announced to everyone that the City of Mont Joli says we have no right to house[people]in this building. That’s exactly what I announced. That’s what the City told me.” No Notice to Evacuate, Ariel Wolfe defended.

The owner said he would be fined thousands of dollars if the guest stayed in his building. However, Renee Howard remains reticent.

The way he (the owner) talks: “Renee, Renee, Renee, if you don’t leave, what do we do?” ‘I told him you turn what you want. You put me up against the wall. ‘You don’t even give me time to turn around,’ said Mr. Howard.

The remaining tenants intend to fight to the end and defend their point of view in the Administrative Housing Court.