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Gemini Controversy: Guillaume Lemay Theverge Explains Himself to 'The Upside Down World'

Gemini Controversy: Guillaume Lemay Theverge Explains Himself to ‘The Upside Down World’

After five days of controversy by boycotting Gemini for a speech that caused some concern in the art community and among the public, Guillaume Lemay Theverge commented on the event, in an interview on “Le monde Upside Down”, Friday.

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The host admitted his desire to take revenge on Jay A. Lepage and Louis Morissette, who mocked him after the Medicago saga.

“It’s a brawl between adults in the schoolyard, in front of everyone. It wasn’t necessary,” explains Guillaume Lemay Theverge.

The latter asserts that the Sunday outing was primarily intended to encourage young people to go and vote. Guided by his desire for revenge, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge took the opportunity to settle his accounts.

“I didn’t do it the right way,” he admits.

The host claims to have made peace with Louis Morissette and Guy A. Lepage. In the Stéphan Bureau group, he also wanted to apologize to the children of the artists.

Guillaume LeMay Theverge also lamented his boycott of the documentaries.

“I had absolutely no idea about interrupting this and I’m sorry for doing this”

The host also returned to the Medicago saga, which cost him his partnership with Hyundai.

Someone who claims to have always encouraged respect and kindness finds it hard to explain why he was demolished on so many platforms for choosing to wait for a Medicago vaccine. He felt attacked simply because he was thinking differently from others.

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“Oh *** it hurts,” he stated in “Le monde en l’envers,” visibly.

In response to a question from Stéphan’s office, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge mentioned the possibility that he was suffering from fatigue. He admits that his mental health has been shaken over the past year.

“It’s been on for at least a year, so I need to treat myself. I have to take care of myself. The host explains.

To watch the interview, watch the video above.