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Moses and Quebec have a date

Moses and Quebec have a date

Moses wouldn’t have released a new album and gone on a tour of America without coming back to see her loyal fans in Quebec.

As one might legitimately expect, the round Will of the people From the British trio, named after their album released on August 26, will stop at the Videotron Center in Quebec City on March 11, 2023, and at the Bell Center in Montreal on March 14.

The first part will be the work of the Evanescence group.

Evidence of the special bond that unites the group to the Quebecers, only one Canadian city, Toronto, will receive a visit by the Muse during its winter-spring North American tour of 20 concerts, from February 25 to April 20.

Since her first visit to the capital 12 years ago, Moses has never left Quebec City on her itineraries, allowing her followers to see all of her great theatrical performances.

After the huge towers of the round Resistance And the majestic screen pyramid of the round 2nd lawat Colisée Pepsi, in 2010 and 2013, Quebec was subjected to a drone attack on a massive central platform during a dual program at the Videotron Center in 2016.

Then Moses put the pedal to the tech gadgets long enough to ensure the Ditty Festival, in 2017, in the Plains of Abraham, was closed before returning to over-the-top, in 2019, at a video center immersed in an old science fantasy film.

Nickelback in 2023

Now that Muse’s appearance has been confirmed, Videotron Center has three concerts on its 2013 calendar. Belgian rapper Dameso and Journey veterans, a show postponed due to COVID-19, are expected to be postponed on January 27 and March 9.

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Expect many more additions to the lineup over the next few weeks. As usual, many international stars will be putting concert tickets up for sale to enhance Christmas gift options for their fans.

prediction? Nickelback will come to visit us. Videotron Center itself recently sold the fuse by sharing the new song of the unpopular Canadian group on its social networks. All that is missing is history.

Musa concert tickets go on sale October 7. Various pre-sales will be held in the previous days.