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Gary Bateman suggested moving hockey to the Summer Olympics

Gary Bateman suggested moving hockey to the Summer Olympics

There is a lot of talk about the absence of NHL players from the Olympics. If the players decide not to go to Beijing as a precaution, few players (and coaches), including Brad Marchand, would agree. and meThey have their reasons.

Gary Bateman, wants to find alternatives for the upcoming Olympics.

During the Winter Classic on January 1 between the Blues and the Wilds, the NHL commissioner said he wants to move the sport into the summer.

That would make sense to me, because the games wouldn’t cause a schedule conflict with the NHL. However, hockey that is played in the summer is strange. Many people want to enjoy the summer without having to watch a game of hockey on TV. When the National Hockey League playoffs were held in July of 2020, my dad, a huge and Canadian hockey fan, didn’t even see a second of a CH game, even though he was in. I’m sure many other people have done the same.

According to Bateman, he has been trying to move hockey out of the Winter Olympics since 1990. However, the Olympic Committee is vehemently opposed to the idea preventing such a transfer.

A Little Bit of History: Hockey made its Olympic debut in 1920. That year, it was Canadians’ favorite sport during the Summer Games. But four years later, in 1924, he moved to the Winter Games.

Some players are so eager to represent their country that they are willing to defy the rules. Here is Elliot Friedman’s interpretation:

I just spoke to a few other players and some of them asked, “Can we retire or find a way to cancel our contracts, go to the Olympics and find a way to quit?” – Elliot Friedman

I don’t think the NHL would agree to that, but hey.

Speaking of the Olympics, Team Canada will soon be formed. And according to Darren Dreger, there are several well-known names on the team’s roster.

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WJC’s Mason MacTavish and Owen Power will have a second chance in less than five months to represent their country on the international stage.

Names such as Devan Dubnyk, Adam Cracknell, David Desharnais, Jordan Weal and Eric Staal can represent the maple leaf.

If it were only for me, I would send the entire Canadian junior team that was in Alberta in December.

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What about women’s hockey? No matches will be played before the Olympics.

Return the Raptors to the right track.

Amazing, as always.