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Australian Open: Djokovic stranded at Melbourne Airport after visa issue

Australian Open: Djokovic stranded at Melbourne Airport after visa issue

The Australian Prime Minister confirmed on Twitter on Wednesday that Australia had refused entry to Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wrote: “Mr Djokovic’s visa has been revoked.” Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our boundaries. Nobody is above these rules. Our strict border rules have been key to allowing Australia to have one of the best proportions on the planet in terms of deaths from COVID-19, and we must continue to be vigilant. “

These comments joined those of the Australian Border Force, which is responsible for enforcing rules at Australia’s borders.

“ABF can confirm that Mr. Djokovic did not provide the evidence necessary to fulfill the conditions for entry to Australia, and as a result his visa was revoked,” the ABF statement said.

Earlier today, Djocker found himself in a police-guarded room after landing in Melbourne in preparation for the Australian Open.

This is what his father said, Wednesday, when information spread that a problem with his visa application could prevent him from entering the country.

World number one in men’s tennis, Djokovic They got a medical exemption To participate in the first four Grand Slam tournaments.

An Australian media reported that Djokovic’s team had applied for the wrong type of visa. Then Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic denounced the “harassment” of the Australian authorities towards the 20-times Grand Slam champion, who spent the night at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

Djokovic is the reigning Australian Open champion, a tournament he won nine times in his career.

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This exemption should allow him to participate in the tournament, regardless of his COVID-19 vaccine status, which he never disclosed.

However, he must also respect strict border rules to enter the country.

“Novak is currently in a room and no one can enter,” Srjan Djokovic, the tennis player’s father, told an online portal. Two policemen in front of the door. “

Newspaper Age From Melbourne he reported that Djokovic landed before midnight local time at Tullamarine Airport on Wednesday, but his entry was delayed due to an error in his visa application.

Rumors about possible visa issues began circulating while Djokovic was in transit and escalated after conflicting messages from federal and state lawmakers.

Djokovic’s announcement on social media that he would travel to Australia sparked controversy and made headlines on Wednesday.

Some people question why Djokovic qualifies for an exemption while others are debating his right to privacy and freedom of choice.

Australian Open director Craig Tilley defended the “very legitimate demand and process” and insisted there was no special treatment for Djokovic.

The Victoria state government has imposed a rule giving access to Melbourne Park, the site of the tournament due to start on January 17, for players, staff, spectators and officials who have been fully vaccinated.

Only 26 of the tournament participants asked for an exemption, and, according to Tilly, only “a handful” were awarded, an estimated five.

The applicants’ names, ages, and nationalities were revised for confidentiality reasons before each vaccination exemption application was evaluated by two groups of independent experts. Tilley indicated that Djokovic is not obligated to disclose the reason for requesting the exemption.

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Cependant, at-il suggéré, il serait “utile” que Djokovic choisisse de l’expliquer à un public de Melbourne qui ne s’est pas encore remis des mois de confinements et des sévères restrictions de voyage imposées au plus fort de la epidemic.

“I would encourage him to tell the community about it,” Tilly said. We’ve had a very difficult time in the past two years. “

Some acceptable reasons for those seeking exemption from vaccination include severe acute medical conditions, a serious adverse reaction to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, or evidence of COVID-19 infection in the previous six months.

Gala Polford, Victoria’s acting sports minister, admitted in the Djokovic case that many people in the community “would find this result disappointing”.

No one received special treatment. She added that the process is incredibly powerful.