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Formula 1 |  Haas F1: Why it will be so hard to stay in America

Formula 1 | Haas F1: Why it will be so hard to stay in America

Haas F1 will begin its 2023 season this Tuesday at 3pm by presenting the livery of its VF-23. On the sidelines of this revelation, team director Gunther Steiner explained the reasons why his team does not plan to base itself in the US in the near future.

“Too hard to do” Steiner said. “F1 has a huge level of expertise in Europe. I always say nothing is impossible, but now with the budget cap it’s become more difficult because you have to offer something more to move people.”

“I think America is not the cheapest place to hire people, you’ve always tried to do what you can within the budget cap. So it’s not very favorable for the team to go to America at this time.”

“Nothing is impossible, we know that. But would that be a wise decision? I don’t think so right now. It’s very difficult to do at this point. I know I didn’t answer this question well, but I’m not thinking about it at this point because it would put us back on the field.” .

Michael Andretti, on the other hand, wants to make his F1 cars in the US if he makes it to the premier class. He also mentions that Haas plans to subcontract the production of its first F1 cars to a European customer, as it does with Dallara.

“Eventually we want to build it here. The first car should be outsourced like Haas is doing now.” Andretti agrees. “And then eventually to build our own car. My dream is to do it here, to have a real American car. We’ll still have a big presence in the UK, but we’ll build the car here.”

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