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TalkTV sera lancée début 2022 par la filiale britannique News UK qui édite le tabloïd The Sun.

Murdoch launches new UK channel to compete with BBC

Called Doc TV, it will air a program specifically compiled by Pierce Morgan, a 56-year-old star presenter.

News Corp Group Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, Announced on Thursday to create a new channel in the UK. In particular, it will air a show. “Lively discussionsJournalist Pierce Morgan competes with Conservative GB News, which launched in June.

Doc TV will be launched in early 2022 by the British subsidiary News UK, which publishes The Sun, the newspaper and the Times and Radio Doc Radio, providing excellent space for discussions between conservatives and progressives.Cultural wars”, Said the 90-year-old president’s team.

The 56-year-old star presenter, who broadcasts a show hosted by the channel specifically Pierce Morgan, who is known for his serious predictions, especially on Twitter, is said to be politically correct and targetedWoke up», This desire to say that we are aware of the oppression experienced by minorities.

“Pierce is the presenter every channel wants, but does not have the courage to hire”

Rupert Murdoch

Quoted in a statement, the journalist stated his plan “Fearless forum for heated discussions“And”Everyone’s right to opinion is celebrated.

Pierce is the presenter that every channel wants, but does not have the courage to hire“, Rupert Murdoch’s side assessed.

This important place is similar to the one occupied by the GB News Channel, which was launched in June with the ambition of giving a voice to those forgotten by traditional media such as Brexit.

Although the shows and themes for which the comments were made mostly revolved around immigration, he initially declined to compare it to Rupert Murdoch’s radically conservative Fox News.

Interview with Prince Harry

In March, Pierce Morgan left the morning of the ITV channel after the broadcast of a shocking interview with Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, where the Duchess spoke of her suicidal thoughts and complained that she had received no help. Royal family.

Sorry, I do not believe what she is saying, He had announced. I wouldn’t believe it if she read me the weather report.

These comments were the source of more than 50,000 complaints, never seen before, with an audiovisual regulator, and then the channel clears any violations.

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