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Fête de la science: Check out the program!

Fête de la science: Check out the program!

Live broadcast of the spirit of the magician

This year, the French National Center for Space Studies will again attend together with research organizations and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, in the “Live Sciences” program for the Soul of the Magician. Every day for 10 days, a live show hosted by Fred Courant will be streamed on YouTube from 5:30 PM.. Performances will take place every day in different places in France.

Several CNES experts will participate:

  • Michael Fieso (retired) He will talk to us about exploration in unknown land with the Lunar Habitat Project, The First Step Toward Mars, on broadcast 05/10.
  • Aurelie Mossie (on stage) And Bernard Comet (dual from MATES) He will speak on broadcast 10/6 to tell us about the mysteries of life in the universe and the asteroid Ryugu.

Credits: FDS.

Here’s the full program of the shows as well as links to access them:

Friday 10/01 – Changing Energies: Does This Connect You?
Saturday 10/02 – Medicine in the future
Sunday 10/3 – Natural Resources: Solutions for the Future
Monday 04/10 – Artificial Intelligence, Big and Digital Data: The Algorithm in the Skin
Tuesday 10/5 – Excavation in unknown lands
Wednesday 10/6 – Secrets of life in the universe
Thursday 7/10 – Living Together: Challenges of the 21st Century
Friday 08/10 – When the environment challenges our health
Saturday 09/10 – Explore the past and understand the present
Sunday 10/10 – Anthropocene: There is a human in the era!

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And the playlist that includes it all:

26 events across France

Meetings, film screenings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, model presentations and many other activities are organized throughout France (and online!) with experts from the French National Center for Space Studies. Find all events organized by CNES via Interactive Map of Fête de la Science