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Fête de la science sur le campus du CNRS à Strasbourg

In Alsace, a science festival for all generations

To participate in this “DéfiBulles”. All you have to do is shoot or photograph the most beautiful soap bubbles and post them on “Science ParkFrom the University of Strasbourg.

The bubble specialist is also the ambassador for the 2021 edition, German physicist Webeck Drinkan, researcher at CNRS, within the Charles Sadron Institute. His laboratory is participating in the Science Festival, at the CNRS campus in Strasbourg-Kronenburg. On his platform, you will see square bubbles!

All this weekend, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October 2021, with “Science Park”, researchers from the University of Strasbourg and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) already welcome the general public to the campus, rue du Loess. Each ward has its specialization and activities.

Thus, on the platform dedicated to neuroscience, we suggest that you test your reactions thanks to a small box. For example, you will learn that auditory cues reach your brain faster than visual cues.

Messenger RNA explained through virtual reality © Radio France
Corinne Vogler

You can also get an explanation of how messenger RNA works, using a virtual reality headset, with researchers from l’IBMC.

On the program, moreover, until October 11, in Alsace, from this Science Festival 2021 :

– A science village dedicated to astronomy in Champ du Feu, Belmont, from 2 pm to 11 pm on Saturday 2 October, from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday, for amateurs from 6 years old.

– In Urbeis, guided tours of Bilstein Castle and the Théophile Mine, also from 6 years old, all weekend.

– Events for the general public at Salis this weekend and beyond. Also activities in many media libraries, such as Holtzheim, Haguenau, Sélestat, La Wantzenau etc…

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– In Strasbourg, “DéfiBulles” are presented to young visitors to Vaisseau, until October 11.

Many small university museums open their collections dedicated to geology, mineralogy and paleontology. It is in Strasbourg.

full program Here.