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Martinique seen from space by Thomas Bisquet

Martinique seen from space by Thomas Bisquet

Martinique! Like a burning desire to roam the island – I’ve already promised myself that #Proxima

This is the caption accompanying the image taken from space by Thomas Pesquet. A few weeks after Guadeloupe, it was Martinique’s turn to honor the French astronaut.

On Friday, he posted a picture of our island. We see the Martinique Islands, barely hidden by a blanket of light clouds.

Via his Instagram account, he also expressed a desire to learn more about our island.

Martinique! Some clouds hide Mount Bailey among other things, but not enough not to make me want to wander the island – I already promised myself during my first mission, and only spent there… two days!

Click on this link to enlarge the beautiful picture by Thomas Bisquet.

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