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Fear of Trump |  Journalism

Fear of Trump | Journalism

In the police photo, the former president tilts his head slightly forward, like a bull defying a matador.

We think the situation was cleverly thought out. When you are image conscious like Donald Trump, you will not stand trial before generations without practice.

Unless you’re innocent – well, I mean “innocent” in the sense we hear in Lac-Saint-Jean.

No, Donald Trump obviously had to run some tests. Joseph Karsh must have shown him a picture of Churchill, who got a fierce lion’s look as he snatched his cigar.

“Be angry, Mr. President, it is unfair! »

He didn’t want his picture taken with a bandit’s head. Did you know: that moist green skin, that vaguely frustrated look, or the indifference of a serial killer on an over-wanted poster?

He was dressed in his presidential uniform—a navy suit, a clean white shirt, and the inevitable red tie that was constantly falling off.

He arrived like a president, not like a defendant: a Boeing 757 with his name in golden letters, like A Air Force One private. Then a parade of black armored SUVs.

The image wants to express anger and assertiveness as well.

Tell me about “the accused like everyone else.”

But take a closer look. Look at those furry, exaggeratedly furrowed eyebrows. This powerful, angry and discontented gentleman has a bitch.

Anger and fear are often two sides of the same coin.

How is he not afraid? His supporters may not care, as he is still busy with four criminal cases in four US states. Three of his lawyers are co-defendants. And there are already rumors of a defection in his camp: Will Mark Meadows, his chief of staff, testify against him in exchange for a “deal”?

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It will not control the court’s schedule, microphones, or speaking sessions in court.

He must be afraid. It’s his turn.

When journalist Bob Woodward asked him how he defined power, Donald Trump replied, “Fear.” A true leader must inspire fear.

He doesn’t force his opponents to drink polonium-210, throw them into defenses, or drop people from boats or planes from the sky, like Vladimir Putin.

But that’s just like.

And since he climbed to the podium for the first time to become a candidate for the Republican nomination in 2015, he has seemed to eliminate all his opponents in the party one by one. Those who hated him publicly licked his shoes once he became a candidate and then president. No matter what he said, he did.

In Wednesday’s Republican debate, the eight candidates were asked if they would support Trump in the upcoming presidential race, if he wins the nomination against them but is found guilty either way.

Seven out of eight raised their hands to say yes. Only the obscure Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson objected, saying Trump was “morally incompetent”. Even former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has been launching fantastic attacks on Trump for months, said “yes”…while saying stop “normalizing this kind of behavior”.

Trump is still very intimidating to his opponents in his own party. Especially the vulgar second man Ron DeSantis, whom he couldn’t seriously criticize.

However, Nikki Haley notes that Trump is “the most hated politician in the United States” and that the party would lose if he chose to. But criticism is above all strategic.

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And it took four criminal records to start skinning him a bit at this party where he was on his knees, half hypnotized, half frightened. The whole phenomenon is a hallucination: the man lost the popular vote in the two presidential elections, and basically lost the last three elections (the Congress or the presidency)… but few dare.

They are all afraid of being poisoned by the media or being thrown out the window politically.

However, now he is the one who feels fear. No matter how much he practiced the Witch Hunt, no matter how immensely popular he was in his party, he no longer controlled the game. And I don’t think the final convictions will leave all Republicans indifferent – if they do. arrive very quickly.

The bull is angry, but he takes a spear on his back. It is no longer just “fear of Trump” that inspires him in others. He is also his.