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Weather: Eastern Quebec may receive remnants of Storm Franklin

Weather: Eastern Quebec may receive remnants of Storm Franklin

storm Franklinwhich is advancing very slowly between the Bahamas and Bermuda and threatening to become a hurricane over the weekend, could dump significant amounts of rain in Quebec in the middle of next week.

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“It’s still a tropical storm right now,” said Simon Legault, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

This system is expected to move north over the weekend.

“Since then we will have a clearer indication of where he is going.”

This storm is expected to reach Canadian waters. And if it makes landfall, more could happen on the Newfoundland side.

“This is probably the greatest possibility.”

For the Navy, that should translate to strong waves and loads of rain, but Quebec will not be spared, according to the meteorologist.

“At the same time that the storm is building up, there is turbulence that will cross Quebec. So the interaction between the two, moisture is injected into it FranklinIt could increase the amount of precipitation.”

“There may be good winds in the Gulf of St. Lawrence area. So the sectors of Ile de la Madeleine and Cote-Nord. Maybe a little Jaspiesi. There is uncertainty about the path and the interaction between them Franklin and the basin that will cross Quebec.

The second storm

Also at stake is a second tropical disturbance that would form near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula over the weekend and cross the Florida Peninsula around Tuesday and rise more or less quickly.

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She, too, can interact with the storm Franklin And with the hollow. So there are three entities that are likely to interact with each other. It adds a lot to the current inaccuracy,” the specialist concluded.

Hurricane season starts from 1any June to November 30th.

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