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Strange false statement from Trump about Beverly Hills

Strange false statement from Trump about Beverly Hills

Former President Donald Trump has a reputation for regularly spreading falsehoods on a bewildering variety of topics. His latest controversy concerns the rules regarding water consumption in the luxurious city of Beverly Hills, in the Los Angeles area, where he owned a house. This is what CNN reported on Tuesday.

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Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, Trump said: “They're warning people in Beverly Hills that they can't use more than 40 gallons of water. “They have no water,” he said.

After criticizing the way California manages its water, he added: “That's true. In Beverly Hills, we pay a fortune in taxes, and they say you can only brush your teeth once a day.

This is Trump's latest colorful statement regarding alleged water restrictions in Beverly Hills. At the California Republican Party convention in September, he joked: “The rich people in Beverly Hills, we don't really sympathize with them, but I do.”

“They pay millions of dollars in taxes, they shower, they're told to hurry, and they're only allowed a small amount of water when they shower. That's why the rich people in Beverly Hills, in general, don't smell very good.”

That last sentence sounded like a joke and fans laughed. But he talked about the so-called Beverly Hills water rules as if he were describing real politics.


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His affirmative and contradictory statements

CNN looked into the comments made by Trump and all of his claims are false: Beverly Hills does not impose any water use limits on residents. There are no restrictions on the number of gallons of water they can consume, the number of times they can brush their teeth daily, or the amount of time they can spend in the bathroom.

Beverly Hills limits only outdoor watering, which is maintained to a maximum of two days a week, among other things. The outer limits are part of a statewide water conservation effort to help address California's recurring drought challenges amid a warming climate.

“We are not limiting indoor water consumption,” Beverly Hills spokeswoman Lauren Santillana said in an email on Saturday after Trump's latest comments. We continue to educate, along with many other cities across the state, about water best practices.

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As for Trump's claim that “you can only use 40 gallons of water” in Beverly Hills, he was likely referring to a law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2022 setting a statewide standard of 42 gallons per person per day for residential housing. Starting in 2030.

Contrary to Trump's proposal, this standard would apply to entities that provide water to residents, not residents themselves; The law will not force people to spend less time brushing their teeth or showering.

“Individual households are not required to meet these standards. No one should have to answer this question individually,” said Heather Cooley, research director at the Pacific Institute, a California-based think tank that studies water issues.

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