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Le siège d'EY à Londres.

EY employs 1,300 people in the UK to advise on large companies’ carbon projects

The consulting firm EY announced on Monday that it was investing 100 100 million and would hire more than 1,300 people over three years in the UK to advise on the carbon neutral objectives of large corporations.

The United Kingdom announced its ambition in early November “Decarbonize” As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, British finance will strengthen the needs of the sector by 2023.

British financial institutions and listed companies are required to publish comprehensive conversion plans, which will be evaluated according to London’s new standards to avoid “greenwashing”.

EY announced in a press release on Monday that it would like to “Consulting and Supporting the Preparation of Carbon Neutrality Plans by These Companies” With this new offer called “EY Carbon”.

New rules “Indicates an object change”Rob Doble, who has been appointed head of this new branch of EY, is confident, especially since it is a listed company. “Must identify indirect emissions in addition to its own emissions” With its supply chain.

The company says it wants to help its customers “Not only do they transform their operations, but they also identify and open up business opportunities created.” Exit from carbon, Highval Paul, head of EY in the UK, is arguing for his role.

The British government announced its ambition to build the city in November “The world’s first financial center that respects carbon neutrality” He called on other countries to follow suit.

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But environmental NGOs, British banks or investment firms continue to point out that they continue to fund hydrocarbon-related projects despite promises to green their operations.

British NGO ShareAxion on Monday said European banks led by British HSBC and Barclays continue to pay billions of dollars to companies promoting oil and gas production.