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USA: Okoronko and Rams win Super Bowl

USA: Okoronko and Rams win Super Bowl

The Los Angeles Rams won the second Super Bowl in their history, beating the Cincinnati Bengals (23-20) after an unbearably suspenseful final on Sunday.

“I’m so proud of this team. There are so many worthy guys who gave this team their heart and soul. This game is the story of our season. We had ups and downs, but we won,” Quarterback commented. Cooper Cup.

The season of the Professional American Football League (NFL) is coming to an end, with exceptional play-offs marked by incredible match scenes. Also, like a Hollywood movie at LA’s SoFi Stadium, this Super Bowl, 56th in name, had the role of twists and turns.

It was first crowned in 2000, when the franchise was located in St. Louis (Missouri), after the Rams had conquered the Buccaneers in mid-January, accelerating the Buccaneers they had unknowingly eliminated. Tom BradySeven-time champion.

This surprising victory is a revenge for the famous quarterback who lost the title in 2018 and then won his sixth ring with the New England Patriots.

Like Tampa Bay last year, the Rams were able to be sacred in their caves.

The $ 5.5 billion SoFi, packed with 70,000 spectators, was streaked in orange and black, making Bengal fans feel like they were playing at home as they won by a decibel difference.

A show that kept all its promises

In the absence of sun, the ambient temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and all current show business, The RockWho introduced both teams to the microphone, Jennifer LopezPasses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaqil O’Neill, Sean Benn, Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Theron and Yeh (Kanye West), face covered entirely by a black veil, someone in Ohio would have relied on himself.

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The start of the match was not in favor of the Bengalis, however, as Stafford delivered two touchdowns in the first and second quarters. Odel Beckham Jr.Then Cooper CupAlready he, the opponent’s defense was dizzy after various attacks (13-3).

Cincinnati responded immediately. Joe Burrow After some first good “drives”, along with the running-back Joe Mixon Who invented playing quarterback Dee Higgins To Touchdown (13-10).

Because after a half-hour show, at the peak of hip-hop, with Dr. Trey, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blitz, Kendrick Lamar and 50 cents As a surprise guest, Cincinnati started the second season with a bang.

From his first throw, Hole As a last resort we sent the usual “Hallelujah” pass, 75 yards away, Dee Higgins, Double teacher, took it to go to Touch Town. One excellent act, though broken by an error that did not blow the whistle, the receiver caught the point of his defender’s helmet in his race (17-13).

LA was going bad and Stafford were intercepted a second time. But his bodyguards wore the Rams house to hell HoleRemoved seven times and equaled the Super Bowl record.

“It hurts. I’m disappointed in my performance. I think it may have given us a chance to succeed. We live and learn,” he commented.

Then Evan McPherson The Bengal team went 20-13 and was later reduced to 20-16 Matt K.The last quarter was in line.

Finally, Stafford Found TrashLogically named MVP.

“They both came back to life and shone brightly when needed. That’s what we won,” he said. Sean McVeighThe 36-year-old junior coach who won the Super Bowl.

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It was Cincinnati’s third defeat in the final, after losing to the San Francisco 49ers in 1982 and 1989. Probably too hard to collect.

Nigeria, the African powerhouse of the NFL

For years, players of Nigerian descent have had a monopoly on the top rankings of the NFL drafts.

This allowed the Super Bowl outdoor linebacker to be seen at work Obo Okoronkwo Rams page.

Among the defeated, much was expected Hakeem AdenijiSon or Cornerback of a famous Nigerian TV presenter Sidop Aussie.

President Biden’s call for more diversity

President of the United States Joe Biden Sunday should lead the “decent” professional football league (NFL) and ensure that there are more minority coaches on the job because it faces discrimination charges.

“I do not know if this is a legal requirement, but in any case I think it is a requirement of common dignity,” he said. Biden spoke on NBC’s microphone about the need to promote diversity in a league he pointed out. Many players do not have the African-American coaches qualified to manage these NFL teams (…)

“I think the league should be run to a fair standard. Its commissioner pointed out that they did not comply with their duties and they did not respect the open mindedness of hiring minorities to run the league. Teams,” he said. Added.

Wednesday, Roger GoodellThe NFL boss acknowledged that the league was “really focused on trying to get results” based on diversity: “We did not succeed, far from it”.

There are currently five minority coaches on duty for 32 teams. Two of them are black, with 70% of the players in the league.

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In NBA basketball, there are 14 black or mixed-race coaches for 30 clubs.

Released from Miami Dolphins in early January, Brian Flores, A 40-year-old black coach, filed a lawsuit against the NFL two weeks ago, alleging that he “runs like a garden”, as well as three clubs that he accuses of racism. In the context of “fictional” job interviews conducted in January by the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos in 2019, as well as in the case of his recent dismissal.