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Exhausted, Xavier Dolan abandons the cinema

Exhausted, Xavier Dolan abandons the cinema

I give up cinema and perception. I no longer have the desire or strength to commit to a two-year project and hardly see anyone. You put in a lot of passion to get a lot of disappointment out of it.Craftsman said My mom In an interview with El Pais Released Wed.

During the interview, he explained that he appeared weak from the creation of his miniseries. The night Laurier Jodrault woke up. His work was admired by critics, but it was shown in only four countries – Canada, France, Japan and Spain – which fell short of the director’s expectations.

Why didn’t anyone else buy it? Because it was filmed in French because it only has five episodes? […] I end up wondering if my cinema is bad, but I know it’s notHe added, still in the interview El Pais.

I didn’t win anything with the series. I invested my salary in production and my father had to lend me the money. It’s a very useless process, I’m tired and discouraged. The simplest solution is to make ads and build me a house in the country.

However, he indicated that he would honor a contract with HBO for an English-language series before packing up.

Xavier Dolan wrote, directed and edited The Night When Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up, as well as playing Elliott, the youngest of the Larouche family.

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No, art is not useless, says Xavier Dolan

earlier this week, El MundoAnother Spanish daily newspaper. He published an interview in which the director criticized his profession and the state of the world, arguing that art is like that Useless And that was the cinema waste of time.

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He said: I don’t understand what’s the point of trying to tell stories when everything is collapsing around you. We act like we have time, and if there’s one thing we don’t have right now, it’s time.

But Xavier Dolan walked back his remarks in a short-lived post Thursday on his Instagram, saying that art and cinema deserve it. naturally All our attention. Sometimes words are taken out of context, and some things get lost in translationWritten in English.

smiling picture.

Xavier Dolan is a regular participant in the Cannes Film Festival.


Announce break

For several months, Xavier Dolan has not hidden his stress and fatigue from the cinema.

in the display microphone Anything can happenin May, the creator had supported That there wasn’t enough money, promises, and a future for the idea of ​​making a movie right now. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and before it happens again, I think it will be several years.

I’m fine with it. I have personal projects that I want to announce and I want to build an architectural house in the countrysideHe continued: A project mentioned on several occasions.

At the age of 34, Xavier Dolan has made several successful films, such as I killed my mother (2009), Lawrence anyway (2012) and My mom (2014). He is also signed to the music videos for Welcome Based on easy on me, napkins.

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