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Osheaga, Day Three: Guitars, July Talk and a Moment of Grace

Osheaga, Day Three: Guitars, July Talk and a Moment of Grace

In order not to lose balance, the singer had to reach out to the spectator at the foot of the mountain stage, in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

On the giant screens, the cameras showed a close-up of two hands, tightly locked, not wanting to let go. Everywhere on the site, thousands of festival-goers saw just that: the artist’s hand in the spectator’s hand. Not for a second or two, but for more than a minute…

Lia Fei’s adventure was an extremely powerful moment.

Photo: Evenko / Tim Snow

This is when I said to myself: Well, here he is. we are here. in the last!. No photo seen this weekend can match this photo. Nothing could be more powerful, nor a better symbol of this musical and human encounter.

Two hands – from two unknowns who have been doubly vaccinated – touch each other. It was very simple, yet there was something wonderful about it.

Over the next half hour, Faye, his partner Peter Drymanes, and their colleagues brought out the best that the Canadian alternative rock band could have: Pick + Cool And ruling shadow It was as frantic as possible.

I look at you on the floor and tell myself I won’t take anything for granted. We dreamed so much about this moment, Dreimanis fired, happy inasmuch as he is moved.

When Fei, who was jumping in all directions, shouted straight rejoice! from U.S Johnny + Marie Crazy right, something exploded in front of the stage. Something like total and collective abandonment. When the duo completed their performance with sharpness and nakedness push + pullEveryone forgot about the epidemic. Or almost…

Even if Charlotte Cardin’s performance was, without a doubt, an impressive feat at the end of the week, this last day will probably be the most satisfying.

Probably because it was busiest earlier in the afternoon. Perhaps that was due to the guitars’ comeback after nights more focused on R&B and hip-hop. I ignore it and accept my bias. But even more so than on Friday, on Sunday we felt everything we should feel on this type of day: fun, happiness, and complicity.

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Numerology of the Shirleys

A guitarist and drummer perform on stage at the Oshiaga Festival

The Shirley family never fails to call upon the great female rock bands like The Runaways.

Photo: evenko / Patrick Beaudry

And it started with the first show. A concert took place at 3 in the afternoon on October 3 for three girls who had guitarist Sarah Dion celebrating her 30th birthday, and it was mostly a rock-hard slap in the garage.

Dion, guitarist and vocalist Raphael Chouinard and Lysander Burdge on drums delivered a vitamin dose of life-saving rock music with Stuck in the middle, easy target and the others Damn I’m in love enthusiastically welcome.

And there was also the robot Shirley, the one we heard between songs telling us there were T-shirts for sale somewhere. You have to be on your time, even if you can’t help but think of The Runaways, The Donnas, in short, all the female rock bands that came before them. But the Shirley family belongs to the present. We wish them a bright future.

The nineties in Axlaustade

Pictures of Nintendo, Montreal Olympic Stadium, Sony Discman and even Pete (Francis Reddy), Rooms in the city Dumas, Francis Mineau (formerly Malajube), and Jonathan Dauphinais have been keen to bring the spirit of the ’90s back to the screen in order to bring instrumentation for their album. jaundiced, whose title sparks riots in the Olympic stadium with Guns N’ Roses and Metallica in 1992.

For 45 minutes, the trio – sometimes accompanied by young dancers – restrained the compositions and diversified the atmosphere. the nineties? He says Axel on the field, influences, seems to me to have a lot of connections with skelter heroes Some of the songs from the ’90s.

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But far from the real effects, for long periods of time, there was nothing more precious than traveling to the beat of Mino’s drums or the guitars of Dumas and Dauphines. At times, I told myself that the intent behind this collective project was similar to the intent of the tablets Dumas launched at the end of the 2000s (North, red, tomorrow, at the end of the world) which served as the basis for the work of antiquities.

Creativity, discovery, and experimentation are at the heart of this musical adventure that’s not for everyone, but it’s not airtight.

However, we say that the compositions can be refined. Given that this was the trio’s first concert together, we can expect to see – and hear – the development in the coming months.

damn truth

Two guitarists playing on stage looking at each other.

damn truth

Photo: Evenko / Tim Snow

With some bands, you know exactly what to expect. For some, this is a problem. Where is the surprise?As they say for others, it is seen as a guarantee of quality. We know in advance that it will be good.

Nuance was raised, because during the performance of Lee-la Baum and his teammates damn truth, a friend of mine came on the site to tell me that their music was good, but it was numbers music.

I replied that his comment was mainly due to the fact that he was very familiar with their effects: AirshipAnd Hendricksand Janis Joplin & Company.

The truth – to paraphrase the name of the group – is that this composition has developed its own personality despite ancient influences, and Lee-la Baum is a sonic force of nature as we seldom see it. She takes a group to acquaint the younger generations with this glorious past, with compositions only that belong to them. short, damn truth He was equal to himself.

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I had to put Alan Riemann aside (required to write) before returning for a part of Jeffroy’s performance, which was very attractive. Geoffroy Sophie and his cohorts navigated effortlessly and with beautiful innuendo with a fine voice, richness of instrumentation, and continuous rhythmic input—one would sometimes think he was at a concert for the Imagine Dragons.

The young man relaxed.. he arrived with his glass of alcohol from the start, igniting a large knuckle on stage while I woke up late And elegantly finished with 21 days.

Half Moon Run performs in Osheaga.

Half Moon Run was played as a trio.

Photo: evenko / Patrick Beaudry

only left for Half Moon Run Just to wrap up this discounted festival which will nonetheless attract 17,700 spectators in three days, with two evenings of 7,000 visitors to the festival on Friday and Sunday, the roughly maximum allowed (8000) by Public Health.

Half Moon Run In the tripartite composition, it must be added, due to the departure of Issac Symonds. With that, we were on familiar ground, especially when your concert starts Rule, which dates back to the first disc (dark eye), 2012.

necessarily, Half Moon Run It lost a bit of volume and enveloping the sound with one less musician, but nothing disfiguring the group. Singer Devon Porteleg had a smile on his face the entire time and the relationship with Conor Mollander and Dylan Phillips was sound.

A group of tendon came to join the trio in order to I can’t figure out what’s going on. it was amazing. This mix of pop, rock and high-end hits its mark A razor blade And narrow margins just to succeed Call me in the afternoon.

failed to make a big fuss, Half Moon Run It offered exactly what fans came for: a final dose of relief at the end of this fall.