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Day Two of Summer Festival: Roxanne Bruno is as funny as she is talented

Day Two of Summer Festival: Roxanne Bruno is as funny as she is talented

The spectators who stormed the Jardin de la Francophonie this evening switched from laughter to tears on several occasions during Roxane Bruno’s performance.

Nearly a thousand were chanting: “ROXANE, ROXANE, ROXANE,” when the onstage headliner began.

After a strong start with in my waya native of Delson, Monterey, has traded her role as a singer for that of a comedian.

“The next song is the kind of song you’re most likely to hear on the radio,” she told the audience, offering her megahit. Love me again. She went on to recount the time she showed up at the store checkout while this song was being played on the radio.

“The cashier didn’t understand anything; I was in front of her, but she heard me on the radio,” she told the audience, who were heard laughing more than at some comedy programme.

Obviously, her fans never got tired of hearing this nickname, because they accompanied her in every rhyme.

Spectators hung on the lips of Roxane Bruno in the Jardin de la Francophonie.

Alexander Caputo

Unreleased song

Roxanne presented Bruno passenger side for his fans. The title, with more of a rock flavor than the artist usually delivers, will be found on his upcoming album, expected in the fall. As in the song Blues musicShe interpreted this unique voice with depth and emotion.

With all her charisma and talent, the singer put fans in her pocket. The parents, multitudinous on the spot, sang the successes with the same precision as the children they sat on their shoulders.

The ingenuity of Tyler Shaw

actor, model, musician and singer; Certainly, performance art holds no secrets for Canadian Tyler Shaw.

The one who was in his second presence on the stages of the Summer Festival was entitled to the la Francophonie garden which began to fill up for his performance. The English speaker addressed his audience in more than acceptable French.

Hello Quebec! “I am very happy to be here,” he said before performing the title. evil. “that it [mon français] Always smoother after a few drinks,” he burst into the crowd, laughing.

The pop singer managed to avoid repetition in the genre of songs presented. Pass the ride I still love you; romantic version of abcdefu De Gilles, to the most rhythmic the middle; Zedd, Maren Morris, and Gray covers, there was something for everyone.

The singer gave an impressive comic performance.

Singer, actor, and model, Tyler Shaw, was making his second appearance at FEQ.

Alexander Caputo

Bobby Pazzini is preparing for his next tour

with his new album, Pearlscheduled for August 25, as well as the tour move away Which is coming to an end, Bobby Pazzini has allowed himself to test the waters with new material.

the address Take it upon mewhich would appear in this next opus, was enough to make the supporters waiting for him impatient.

The murmuring, but always on the right note, voice of the singer from Mont-Laurier, mixed with the voices of his supporters and the tones of the harpsichords that were on stage, gave the spectators a feeling of intimacy, so that there were several hundred. .

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The highlight of the performance was undoubtedly the interpretation I wonder, Taken from the album better in time. Alone on stage with his acoustic guitar, Bobby Pazzini put all his emotions into his voice. Fans can be seen quietly rocking from left to right in time to the music.

Bobby Pazzini will return to Quebec in December, where he will serve on the boards of directors of the big stage.

The singer gave an impressive comic performance.

The Mont-Laurier native delivered a few songs from his next album, due for release at the end of August.

Alexander Caputo

A dream come true

Sophia Bell can now say mission accomplished. The Michigan native, who was raised by a Quebec father and a Dutch American mother, told the following audience.

“I’ve dreamed of playing in the FEQ since I was little, and I’m so happy to be here.”

While playing the electric guitar, the singer used her beautiful voice in the song demonsco-written with Ariane Moffat. Then she borrowed a classic play from her colleague to focus. The rock flavor that Sophia Bell brought to this song was so refreshing.

Inspired by punk rock in the early 2000s, the singer would form a hit duet with Avril Lavigne during her latest hits. Even the artist pushed his voice behind the single First date He remained graceful and in control.

The singer gave an impressive comic performance.

Sophia Bell during her Summer Festival performance.

Alexander Caputo

Adele-style voice

The singer of Cree Siibii origin created a nice surprise, at the start of the evening at the Parc de la Francophonie. Originally from Mistissini, an indigenous community located one hour north of Chibougamau, Siibii is presented in a somber tone, which would make one think of the Lana Del Rey and Adele of this world.

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Sadly few fans were in attendance for his must-watch show.

The singer gave an impressive comic performance.

Cree SIIBII singer, performing at the Parc de la Francophonie.

Alexander Caputo